The 'Power of One' project hits Brandon

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July 9, 2009 03:00 AM

The 'Power of One' project made its way to the Wheat City late last month.

The project consists of a solar powered car, the 'XOF1' whose inventor and creator Marcelo da Luz, a Brazilian Canadian, created.

Luz is currently driving his car on a cross-country trek to help promote the use of clean sustainable energy as well as 'self belief' and to help 'achieve dreams' no matter what kind of background you may have.

Luz just recently celebrated a one-year anniversary of the beginning of the XOF1 solar car tour, which began on June 12, 2008.

According to Luz's publicist Laurie Flarity-White, the car runs purely on sunshine and is never plugged in to electricity.

"He realizes it's not a practical car," said White via telephone last week. "It can only fit one person. You can't store any groceries anywhere," laughs White. "But he wants to show that you can have a dream and you can achieve it."

Luz was only in Brandon on the afternoon of June 23 and is currently in Alberta, traveling north towards the North West Territories. "Manitoba was just fabulous for him," said White. "The people in Brandon made Luz feel very welcome."

According to White, the car, which weighs approximately 300 kilograms, can reach speeds upwards of 120 kilometers an hour. "He rarely goes that fast though. It takes a lot of energy."

"He's gone 30,000 kilometers in a car that people told him he couldn't even go 2,000 kilometers in," continues White.

Luz wound up breaking a Canadian record last year, driving 15,000 kilometers in a solar car. "His objective was to build a solar car and to set a world distance record. He's certainly done that," smiles White.

Luz, who immigrated to Canada in 1990, currently is unemployed and has recently re-mortgaged his house in Toronto in an effort to continue his cross-country solar car trek.

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