Candace Carnahan: “Three Canadians are dying every day at work”

The parking lot at the Southeast College's Estevan campus was fully packed this afternoon with pickup trucks. Local industries' employees and labourers gathered at the conference hall for the Independent Well Servicing Safety Stand Down.

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The invited speaker Candace Carnahan talked about health and safety in the work place. Through her personal life story she demonstrated how quickly life can change, how important it is for everybody to work with loved ones in mind, and how workplace incidents may change our lives and affect family, friends and a community.

“Three Canadians are dying every day at work. Nobody wakes up in the morning and doesn't expects to come home. But it is happening,” Carnahan said. “So everybody certainly does have a responsibility to their company, to their family, to their country and to themselves to work safely.”

Carnhan’s speech, filled with humour, but very serious in nature, above all else was aimed to underline how crucial it is to know workers’ rights.

“There are three basic rights of all workers in this country: the right to know; the right to participate; and the right to refuse unsafe work,” Carnahan said.

More details on safety rules and the Safety Stand Down with Candace Carnahan are coming up in Wednesday’s edition of the Mercury.

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