Cloudtric introduces new online accounting program

The owners of a new Brandon company has mixed their experience with accounting and information technology to create a cloud-based program that will help businesses of all sizes with asset management.

Three entrepreneurial Brandon residents have brought together their expertise in accounting and information technology (IT) to create a new product to assist businesses with managing their assets.

The brainchild of Garnet McBurney, Ginger Hunter and Bradley Adams, Cloudtric was incorporated just this year. Born out of a desire for a better product, faManager is a cloud-based application that they feel does a more effective job at helping accountants and small businesses.

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“I’ve been in the accounting industry for more than 25 years, and I’ve always struggled with different software packages that we researched and got our hands on,” said McBurney. “They always seemed to not do something we wanted them to do, or did something we didn’t want them to do.

“Several years ago, McBurney began developing a fixed asset management tool that would track assets and provide depreciation calculations.

“Brad, Ginger and I put our heads together to take this into the cloud,” he said. “Ginger and I understood what was needed in the software, while Brad is the programmer. We thought we’d see how far we could get.”

What they ended up with was a cloud-based, fixed asset manager program that can be found at Their new company has quickly piqued the interest of industry insiders, both within Brandon and beyond.

“A lot of accounting offices have their own, in-house packages (programs), but they don’t necessarily like them,” said McBurney. “And some accounting offices are really interested in looking at this. But really, the real market we are after is the business owner. We set it up so you don’t have to be an accountant to run it.”

He says some of the types of businesses who might benefit from their product range from small, home-based businesses such as freelancers, all the way up to multi-national conglomerates.

“And we’ve priced the product for large companies, all the way down to a home-based business,” noted McBurney.

And because it’s cloud-based, the program can be accessed from anywhere users have a computer or smart phone and an Internet connection.

Still in its infancy, the developers believe Cloudtric shows ample potential for growth. The trio initially looked at some government grants to help get them off the ground, but ultimately opted to go at it alone powered by their own sweat equity.

They are also considering additions to their product line. They are already working on a suite of products for business use.

Now the fledgling business is attracting interest from far beyond the city limits of Brandon as the positive reviews spread.

“We’re registered as a federal corporation so we can sell our product right across Canada, and we hope to start popping up on the radar in the United States,” says McBurney. “It really is something that can be used anywhere in the world. We built it with the Canadian market in mind, but anyone in the world can use this software.”

For more information on the company, find them out online at

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