Courtney’s Cake Creations moving to southeast Brandon

Courtney Jacobson’s new location will provide more freedom for her to expand her menu and services alongside operating in a stand-alone building. The business is currently located in a strip-mall.

The owner of an 18th Street cake and candy shop has decided to move to a stand-alone location in the southeast corner of the city, boosting her ability to expand the enterprise.

Courtney’s Cake Creations has operated out of Unit D1 of a strip mall at 1122 18th Street for the past five years. However, owner Courtney Jacobson has purchased a property at 108162 Patricia Avenue beside Golden Acres Dog Kennel to expand her cake, pastry and candy-making operation. The extra square footage will allow her to incorporate a small café and more products onto her menu, including ice cream, doughnuts and more pastries.

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“We have loved this location, but we’ve chosen to grow and purchased a property at the corner of First Street and Patricia Avenue,” Jacobson said. “We’ve decided to build a new building for it. We have to be out of here by New Year’s Eve and we hope to be open sometime in mid-January.”

The cake shop’s current location will be closed on Dec. 22 to move the business’s equipment, furniture, supplies and other paraphernalia to the Patricia Avenue store through the following three weeks. The business will continue to take orders by telephone.

Jacobson currently operates the establishment herself with four employees.

“Basically, our lease came due at the end of the year and we chose to build equity into the business,” said Jacobson, who is looking forward to the freedom the new location will give her and her operation.

“The nice thing is we’ll be able to extend our business hours, serve more products, have more room inside and more parking outside,” she said. “We’ll have an area with six or eight chairs for coffee and a cupcake or ice cream or whatever you wish.”

Courtney’s Cake Creations serves a variety of baked goods, but specializes in custom tiered and 3D cakes in about 100 flavors, and has about 25 kinds of cupcakes available on a daily basis. Other products include a variety of flavored popcorn, cotton candy, candy, fudge, brittles, sponge toffee Belgian chocolate pizza slices, clusters and more.

“Business the past few months has been fabulous,” Jacobson said. “I can’t do it without my staff. It’s Courtney’s Cakes, but I can not do it without my girls.”

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