Inflatable waterpark to open in Brandon this summer

Brandon Bouncy Castles is setting up a large, inflatable waterpark at the corner of Richmond Avenue and 13th Street for six weeks beginning on June 12.

A Brandon company will provide visitors and residents of the city with a new way to “beat the heat” this summer.

Brandon Bouncy Castles has entered an agreement with the Keystone Centre to run a water park on the facility’s grounds along Richmond Avenue and 13th Street. The park will include eight inflatable waterslides ranging from one to five storeys tall, bubble soccer, archery combat tag and other attractions alongside an area for food trucks and a canteen.

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“I’ve been thinking about this for three years,” said James Ruser, the owner of Brandon Bouncy Castles. “We started with the bouncy castles in 2016 and had a few waterslides in our inventory. People just loved it. It’s taken three years to build the clientele and resources to take on something of this size.”

The local company is bringing several slides from California to create the park. Ruser expects the temporary facility – which will open June 12 and operate for six weeks – to attract up to 1000 people on a Saturday.

“Don’t get me wrong. There might be a couple of lines to work with, but everything will move smoothly,” he said, adding that three other communities have expressed interest in a similar set-up once their operations at the Keystone Centre cease.

“If this goes well, we are looking at having enough (inflatable inventory) to do both; run the waterpark in Brandon and have a package for small towns,” Ruser said.

Brandon Bouncy Castles has entered a contract with the Keystone Centre to run the park for this summer with a potential extension to five years should the facility be a success.

“With my capabilities of loading up the bouncy castles, delivering them to the site and setting them up for 60 days, it has brought back the economics of having a large park. The sky is the limit,” Ruser said about the unique business model. “If people like it, we could be hunting for slides that are seven storeys tall, if possible.”

Ruser suggested the waterpark will provide another option for young families to participate in an activity that involves everyone.

“We’re happy to be giving back to the community with this opportunity,” he said, adding that they plan to keep admission prices as cost effective as possible to spur more traffic into the park.

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