Local Motel 6 named Franchise of the Year

Manager says they have sought to serve a customer base that wants inexpensive accommodations with a subdued environment.

A Brandon business has been set apart from their peers in Canada by their parent organization, and they aim to maintain that high standard which has made them an industry leader.

The Brandon Motel 6, owned by Harvey Armstrong and overseen by general manager John Pearen, was named Canada Franchise of the Year by G6 Hospitality, the umbrella organization for Motel 6 in North America. The award was presented to Pearen at the 2018 Owner’s Conference in Puerto Aventuras, Mexico in late September.

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The Brandon franchise, located on the Trans Canada Highway, was the lone Canadian franchise to receive an honor at the event. The remaining 12 awards went to American establishments.

The Canada Franchise of the Year is presented to properties which “go above and beyond expectations and have demonstrated excellence in all quality indicators, year-over-year revenue indicators and sales growth”.

Pearen says they have found the perfect niche market and have worked hard to cater to their client’s needs.

“We really serve a clientele that is wanting to keep the costs down,” he said. “We get a lot of workers in here Monday to Friday. A lot of school groups and weary highway travellers.”

Pearen said having kitchenettes in many of their suites is important to a portion of their customers. He noted many end up staying there for Monday to Friday stretches and do not necessarily want to eat at a restaurant every night.

The lack of a pool is an attractive feature as well. Many guests working out of Motel 6 – such as highway workers – appreciate the more subdued environment.

“And many schools now don’t want a pool, where before they might have sought that out,” said Pearen, who recently took over the position of general manager but has been with the company for 12 years.

He adds the Motel 6 is able to maintain their high standards because it was built with high standards in mind.

“We have local paving companies and roofers and construction people who built this with quality in mind,” he said.

Originally built by G6 Hospitality, the Brandon Motel 6 was later sold to Dave and Melody Brooks, who owned it for three years. They are a big reason for this award, according to Pearen.

“They really started the process,” said Pearen. “And Harvey Armstrong really continued that.”

When they learned of the award, Pearen said the entire organization was ecstatic.

“We work very hard to keep the costs down and our establishment as nice as we can,” he says. “The team worked very hard for this.”

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