2019 New Years Resolutions from Linden Lanes School

Students from Linden Lanes School have a variety of goals set for themselves as they head into 2019.

To make the new year better for myself, I have a few New Years resolutions that I feel will benefit me in the future. I reflected on my previous years and found thing that I can change to better myself.

For starters, I’m going to talk to new people. I have the habit of changing the way I act when talking to people I don’t know. For some reason, when I need to ask a stranger a question, all of my nerves and anxiety kick in. So, I’m challenging myself to talk to more people. Another reason I know I should do this is because every job I get and every place I go, there will be people; people that will have answers to my questions and all I need to do to get the answer is ask the question.

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My second New Years resolution is going to be hardest for me because I have been working on it for the past two months and still have little to no progress. It turns out I’m my own biggest critic. I decide what I do isn’t “good enough” and I have this negative outlook on myself. This is my most important New Years resolution. I need to look at myself and realize what I’m doing is “good enough” and my capabilities will be different than my peers.

A New Years resolution is a goal set by one’s self; a goal that will take a while to achieve, but will be worth the effort. My resolutions will make me an overall better friend and peer. So 2019, here I come. It’s going to be an interesting ride.



I want to buy more shoes, because I go through lots of shoes. Save more money so I can buy more shoes. Try different food with ketchup.



Be kind to everyone. Travel the world on my stomach. Read 10 novels.



Get even better grades. Got to the gym every day instead of every two days. Drink more water and eat more healthy.



Ion 2019, I will listen to my parents more. In 2019, I want to have a better New Years resolution. In 2019, I want to eat more healthy.



In 2019, I want to land a standing backflip on the ground, or at least do a wall flip. In 2019, I want to eat more healthy. In 2019, I want to go to the gym more.



For my New Years resolution, I would like to achieve five things.

First, I would like to read more books because I have been on electronics too much and haven’t been reading or finishing any books.

Speaking of electronics, I want to achieve less time on electronics because whenever I got home, I would go on my phone or any other device.

Another thing is playing more board games because I have a bunch of board games laying around that I’ve only played a few times.

I would also like to spend more time with my family because we are all on our electronics doing our own thing. My parents are also super-exhausted when they get home, so they don’t really want to do anything.

Lastly, I would like to practice more hockey on the outdoor rinks with my dad so I can get stronger and more prepared for games.



In 2019, I will be more hydrated by drinking more water by always having a water bottle with me. In 2019, I will be more motivated to to to soccer practice by practicing every day, so when we practice with our team, I will want to go because I would want to do what I learned yesterday. In 2019, I will be able to do a standing backflip easily. I will do that by practicing.



Exercise a little more so I can stay healthy. Keep skating and skate more often. Write, draw and create more things! Create things in spare time. Use my planner and write notes, and generally keep organized.



Clean out my locker before I find fungi. Always stay hydrated. Always have a water bottle. Get fat. Gain weight. Increase dairy and meats.



My New Years resolution is to be able to do a standing backflip with ease. My New Years resolution is to eat healthier. My New Years resolution is to travel more.



My New Years resolution is to listen to my parents, except when they tell me to do chores and, like, everything else. Gain weight because I weigh, like, 0.0000001 pounds. Clean out my locker after I find fungi.



I need to be more tidy; clean more. I need to be less forgetful; remember everything. Improve my writing; write more.



Try to love myself more and be more confident. Actually try to lose weight and be healthy. Try to get a job (maybe two).



This New Years, boy, do I got a few resolutions to accomplish. For those of you who don’t know, a resolution is a goal. I have a few goals that this new year, I will strive towards and accomplish with pride.

My first New Years resolution is to finally dance a solo on point. By doing this, I also hope to gain more confidence as it can be hard for me to perform or present by myself. I will dance or practice almost every day in hopes to strengthen my dance technique enough and feel confident enough to dance my heart out alone on stage.

My second New Years resolution is to exercise more. My friends know that I don’t exercise a lot. They know this because every time I do have to exercise, I scream, “I hate physical activity!” I would rather do schoolwork than exercise (I do love schoolwork). But no more! This new year, I will work out. I will do crunches and push ups as often as I can. I will become more fit! Being fit will also help my dancing as well as my confidence.

And finally, I hope to hang out with my friends more. No, I will hang out with my friends more! I stay inside most of the time and do schoolwork instead of hanging out with my friend. Maybe it’s because I want to get my schoolwork done as fast as I can, but it’s more likely that I’m afraid of annoying and scaring off my friends. I need to realize that schoolwork can wait and that my friends aren’t going to hate me for being myself and go hang out with them more.

High school is coming fast and maybe I won’t have a lot of time to talk to my friends, or my friends may go to different schools, so I can’t talk to them at lunch or during free periods. So I will live it up and party like there’s no tomorrow. Well, not party. Just hang out a lot more because I need to enjoy my life to the fullest.

A resolution is a goal. These are all goals I hope to accomplish. My New Years resolutions are very realistic I think, and I know that when I accomplish them, I will be a lot happier. Next year is going to be filled with hard work, but I know I can do it if I try.



I will get my grades up and be more confident in myself; study more. I will be less shy and answer more questions in class; be confident in myself. I will get more fit and do more sports.



My New Years resolution is to exercise more and eat healthier and become better in my hockey each year. I will train hard and buy good food and go to the gym. My New Years resolution is to work even better in school subjects to get my grades higher and be good in high school by taking more notes and get assignments on time and not rush through them. My New Years resolution is to save any money I get and put it in a savings account for a car when I get my driver’s license and save up for a house when I’m older.



Be creative with the little things in every day life. Read more books to explore different authors’ writing styles to help improve my writing. Craft every moment with precision.


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