BPS Blotter: The latest from the Brandon Police Service files

The "BPS Blotter" is a Westman Journal column that includes highlights of the latest law enforcement activities through the previous few days.

Jan. 31: Theft and assault

An man incarcerated at the Brandon Correctional Centre (BCC) on unrelated charges is facing allegations of theft under $5000 after an incident on Jan. 18. On Thursday, BPS charged a 27-year-old man with theft after a male suspect entered a busienss on the 000 block of Willowdale Crescent and stole a number of chocolate bars, sandwiches and lottery tickets. He appeared in court Friday.

BPS members went to a residence in the Glendale Trailer Court in search of a 48-year-old woman at about 10 a.m. Thursday morning. The woman was located and arrested on a warrant for theft over $5000. She was released with a court date scheduled for Feb. 25.

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About an hour later, another arrest warrant was filled at a residence on Westaway Bay. A 30-year-old woman was arrested for break and enter and failing to attend court. She was held in the BCC for a court appearance the following day.

Police responded to a report of an incident at about 4:30 Thursday afternoon where a female victim said she was assaulted by her 20-year-old ex-boyfriend. The man was located, arrested for domestic assault then released with police imposed conditions to appear in court on March 7.

A 26-year-old, intoxicated Brandon woman was located and arrested on the 000 block of 10th Street after a disturbance was reported to police at 9:44 p.m. the woman was arrested for breaching the peace, held at BCC and released once sober.

Feb. 1: Impaired driving and arrest warrants

BPS officers were called to a hotel on the 3100 block of Victoria Avenue just after midnight after recieving a complaint of a passed-out male. A 32-year-old man located at the site had a recognizance order against him that included a curfew and an abstinance from alcohol. He was found in breach of both of these conditions and held in custody for a court appearance on Friday.

An officer found a parked car running on the 800 block of 9th Street with a female passed out in the driver's seat at about 11: 30 p.m. Friday. Once awake, the 41-year-old showed signs of inebriation and arrested on charges of care and control of a motor vehicle while impaired. Once trasported to the BPS station, she refused to give a breath sample for testing. The woman was held at the BCC and released Saturday with a court appearance set for Thursday.

A Brandon man wanted on an Elphinstone RCMP warrant for assault was arrested Friday afternoon after being checked by a BPS officer. The man, who was found on the 100 block of 16th Street, was released from custody with a court date set for March 5 in Minnedosa.

Feb. 2: Impaired driving and possession of a dangerous weapon

At about 3:30 a.m. Saturday, a 26-year-old Saskatchewan man was stopped on the 1600 block of 18th Street while operating his truck. The man showed signs of impairment and breath samples showed he was almost twice the legal blood-alcohol limit. Officers also checked the vehicle, finding several open cans of beer and cannabis. As a result, the man faces charges of impaired driving, driving over .08, unlawful transportation of cannabis and unlawful transportation of liquor. He was scheduled to appear in court on Thursday.

An intoxicated man was reported to be checking vehicles in the Basswood Bay area at about 5:20 a.m. BPS members found a 39-year-old man at the location and arrested him based on three warrants out on him. He was taken into custody and held at the BCC for a court appearance last Saturday.

Police responded to a report of a couple fighting in the east end of Brandon. A 33-year-old man and a 30-year-old woman, both of Brandon, claimed to have been assaulted by one another, leading to minor injuries. Both were arrested with a court appearance to be scheduled in March.

Just before noon on Saturday, BPS members responded to a call of a man with a knife in both hands on the 300 block of 11th Street. A 33-year-old Brandon man, who was also found to have a court order prohibiting him from possessing any weapons, was found with a butcher knife and a steak knife and arrested at the scene. Due to his intoxicated condition, he was held iin custody and released when he was sober with a court date scheduled to occur in March.

Feb. 3: Theft, assault and fraud

Dauphin RCMP arrested a 21-year-old man from Oche River wanted on a BPS unendorsed warrant for break and enter at about 12:45 a.m. Sunday. The man was held in custody for a court appearance on Sunday morning.

At about 1 a.m., BPS members completed a person check on the west end of the city, where they discovered that the 19-year-old Brandon man who had been stopped was wanted for numerous offences including possessing a weapon for a dangerous purpose and failing to appear in court. He was held at the BCC for a court appearance the following morning.

About seven hours later, police responded to a report of a stolen 2017 GMC Denali on the 700 block of 17th Street. Police received a description of the suspect from the complainant and the vehicles On Star program was activated. The vehicle was spotted just east of Brandon, leading police to the area where they found the SUV stuck in a snowbank. Another vehicle was stopped near the site which was found to contain the suspect, who admitted to the theft. Police confirmed his identity after the individual lied about who he was and found that he was also wanted by the Winnipeg Police Service for breatch of probation. He was also on a court order not to occupy the driver's seat of a motor vehicle. The 25-year-old Winnipeg man was arrested on charges of theft over $5000, breach of recognizance, breach of probation and public mischief, held at the BCC and was scheduled to appear in court on Monday.

Another vehicle, a 2014 Chevrolet Traverse, was stolen from the 3400 block of Victoria Avenue was reported at about 10:50 a.m. Police responded to the report and located it on the 100 block laneway between 15th and 16th Streets. The suspect tried to flee the scene in the SUV, backing into the BPS cruiser and forward into another police vehicle. The driver refused to exit the vehicle, so officers removed the suspect and arrested him. The 32-year-old man held a concealed weapon and now faces charges including theft of a motor vehicle, dangerous driving, assault with a weapon, carrying a concealed weapon and driving while prohibited. He was held in the BCC for a court appearance on Monday.

Police located, arrested and released a 28-year-old Brandon man on Sunday following an investigation into assaults on his common-law partner in March and July of 2018. He is scheduled to appear in court Feb. 27.

An investigation that began on Jan. 22 resulted in the arrest of a 25-year-old Brandon woman who is suspected of using her bank account for a third party to cash a stolen cheque. The individual was released with a court appearance scheduled for March 25.

BPS members responded to an assault complaint from a residence on Cornwallis Bay at about 7:45 p.m. Sunday where they found a male youth had assaulted another male by biting him several times in the chest. The 15-year-old Brandon boy was arrested and released for a March 5 court appearance.

Finally, four people were arrested under the Intoxicated Person Detention Act and held at the BCC until they were sober. Meanwhile, three others were arrested for breach of the peace, held at the BCC and released when sober.

Feb. 4: Attemped murder, firearms charges and theft under $5000

A 15-year-old Souix Valley Dakota Nation male allegedly damaged the rear window of a vehicle parked on Madison Crescent at about 12:30 a.m. Police found the boy in the area and arrested him on charges of mischief under $5000. The youth is scheduled to appear in court on March 5.

A 26-year-old Brandon man turned himself in to BPS members at about 9:10 a.m. based on a warrant for failing to attend court, sexual assault and sexual interference. The man was held at the BCC for a court appearance on Tuesday.

A 23-year-old Brandon man was arrested in relation to numerous break and enters that occured on Jan. 12. Police executed a search warrant at a residence on the 500 block of Rosser Avenue East, where they located several items suspected to have been stolen during the January incidents. The man is scheduled to appear in court on April 4.

The report of a male with an injury to his arm was called in to 9-1-1 at 7:50 p.m. Monday evening. It was suspected that the man may have been stabbed. BPS and Brandon Fire and Emergency Services members responded to the call, attending a residence on the 1200 block of 10th Street where they found the injured man with a gunshot wound to his right arm. The individual said he was walking south along 10th Street when a man he knew stopped his vehicle, stepped out and shot the victim, who was later treated in hospital for a broken arm.

Officers traveled to the suspect's residence where they found his vehicle parked in front. The 31-year-old Brandon man was stopped and arrested by police at about 1 a.m. Tuesday on charges of attempted murder, two counts of possession of a weapon for dangerous purposes, pointing a firearm, unauthorized possession of a firearm, possessing a firearm knowing its possession is unauthorized, unauthorized possession of a firearm in a motor vehicle, possession of a firearm contrary to a prohibited order, discharge of a firearm with intent to wound, maim, or disfigure, and discharging a firearm with the intent of endangering life. The suspect was held at the BCC and was scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday. An investigation into the incident is continuing.





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