Brandon Festival of the Arts presents 55 trophies

The 2019 Brandon Festival of the Arts ran at venues throughout the city from Feb. 10 to March 10 with 69 performers recommended for provincial and national adjudication.

A total of 55 trophies were handed out at the 2019 Brandon Festival of the Arts, which wound up on March 10 with an Encore Concert at Brandon University’s Lorne Watson Recital Hall.

The festival, which opened on Feb. 10 and ran for about a month, recommended 56 performers for provincial adjudication, while another 13 will perform at the national level. These divisions of adjudication will take place at the Associated Manitoba Arts Festivals Music Festival in Winnipeg May 24 to 26.

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The trophy winners from this year’s Brandon Festival of the Arts include:


• Beta Sigma Phi Trophy: Erik Larson.


• Kayleigh Brugger Memorial Trophy: CP Sings! Crocus Plains RSS Chamber Choir.

• Lillian Popkin Memorial Trophy: École Harrison Chorale, Grades 3-6 Choir.


• Al Gilbert Memorial Trophy: Carson Burr.

• Dance Images Award for Jazz: Kaitlyn Bacon.

• Dance Images Award for Lyrical Jazz: Kaitlyn Bacon.

• Darlene Wolestenholme/Edward Jones Hip Hop Trophy: Sophie Werbowski and Indiana Unger.

• E. Friesen Memorial Ballet Trophy: Anya Visser.

• E. Friesen Memorial Lyrical Jazz Trophy: Last Petal Falls, Dance Images.

• E. Friesen Memorial Variety Trophy: Hannah Van Santen and Isabella Howland.

• Eleanor Marks Memorial Award: Nyah Perkin.

• HT Kaiser Memorial Trophy for Folk Dance: Sydney Komanac.

• Investors Group Trophy, Senor Tap: Brody Burr.

• Investors Group Trophy, Stage Dance: Aiden Simard and Sydney Huston.

• Mecca Community Musicals Award, 12 years and younger: JANQ – Mecca Productions.

• Mecca Community Musicals Award, 13 years and older: Cheap Thrills – Mecca Productions.

• Mecca Productions Award, 12 years and younger: Cash Laluk and Maggie Johnson.

• Musical Theater Award: Danika Robb and Ava Thexton.

• Pirouette Dance and Active Wear Trophy: Delaney Geisbrecht.

• Reesors Jewellery Award for Jazz: Piper Brown.

• Reesors Jewellery Award for Tap: Anya Visser.

• Rob Roy Award for Jazz: Sydney Huston.

• Rob Roy Award for Tap: Ruby Keller.

• SH Butterfield Memorial Trophy: Alexa Case.

• Steppin Time Award for Stage Dance: Avery Lyle and Brooklyn Stitt


• Ted Good Trophy: Stephan Engelbrecht.


• Alma Brock-Smith Trophy, Advanced: Beatrice Gatien, Oksana Iwanchysko, Janis Kim and Madison Kynoch.

• Angele Muller Memorial Trophy, Junior: Logan Kyle and Evan Terin.

• Brandon University School of Music Trophy: Aaron Cox.

• Denis and Lea Badiou Trophy: Nazar Galinski.

• E. Friesen Memorial Piano Concerto Trophy: Sabina Rzazade.

• Eckhardt-Gramatte Conservatory of Music Trophy: Naemi Ens.

• HE Phipps Trophy: Hailey Anderson.

• Helen Pettinger Memorial Trophy: Zoe Redekop.

• Joyce and Gerald Harper Trophy: Adeline Hehn.

• Marilyn Nichols Memorial Trophy: Tairan He.

• Mark and Cheryl Cramer Trophy: Sophie Hall-Platz.

• Odile Caron Memorial Trophy, Intermediate: Heidi Cowie and Kaitlyn Nicholson.

• PA Kennedy Memorial Trophy: Paige Adam.

• Surridges Canadian Piano Trophy: Yulianna Prytsyuk.

• Surridges Popular Piano Trophy: Samuel Redekop.

• Western Financial Group Tudor Bowl: Yu Juncheng.

Speech Arts

• Cliff Gardner Trophy: Manu Tarubal.

• Kaye and GR Rowe Memorial Trophy: Christian Heritage School Grade 3.

• Knights of Columbus Trophy: Sanelle Engelbrecht.


• Thomas Ryles Memorial Trophy: Sannelle Engelbrecht.

• Victor Krahn Memorial Trophy: Zifan Li.


• Brandon Sun Rose Bowl: Kari Rutherford.

• Hall-Platz Family Vocal Trophy: Yesenia Zavala.

• JR Reed and Doris Reed Memorial Trophy: Soleil Ann Gaudreault.

• Mecca Productions Musical Theater Trophy: Soleil Ann Gaudreault.

• Mecca Productions Trophy: Daniel Munchinsky.

• Mills Family Trophy: Avery Simard.

• Order of the Eastern Star Trophy: Jaimie Rose.

• RO Wilkie Memorial Trophy: Carter Martin.

• Ruth Vasconcelos Musical Theater Vocal Trophy: Carter Martin.


• Albert Johnson Memorial Trophy: Luqi Wang.

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