Brandon Hills

Brandon writer Renee Cronley won the Western Manitoba Regional Library's inaugural adult poetry writing contest with this piece describing the natural setting where she likes to run.

Brandon Hills

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Where past and present meet
Amongst a labyrinth of trails 
Mixed groves of aspen and oak
Have weaved their own tales

Waiting for the next to come
Stems and roots become bark
Prairie grasslands welcome 
The next to make their mark

Find relief in the rolling hills
Stress can steep into sorrow
Starting anew changes today
And forever alters tomorrow

Keeping company with white-tailed deer
Snowshoe hares and coyotes along the way
A gentle reminder of the circle
Encompassing predator and prey

Beauty recycled by the seasons
In all it does achieve 
With the promise of a future
In the footsteps that we leave

The vitality of the greenery 
Colored by snowberry and wolf willow
Is purified and renewed
In the form of ice and snow

There is an energy in the rocks
In the deadfall trees and mud
The allegory that is nature
Seems to run through our blood

The importance of preservation 
And the blueprint it instills
Takes its shape in the form of us
As we walk through Brandon Hills

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