City of Brandon begins scheduled plowing Nov. 29

City crews open plowing season with the clean-up of Priority 1 routes throughout Brandon at midnight Thursday.

Beginning at midnight Thursday, Nov. 29th, streets and roads crews with the City of Brandon will begin plowing “Priority 1” routes in the city, which are those deemed to be arterial and collector routes across the City. 

Plows will begin in the east end of the City and work their way west along Priority 1 Routes over the next day or so. No overnight parking bans will be in effect at this time, but may be implemented at a later date.

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For more information on municipal streets deemed as Priority 1 Routes, residents are encouraged to visit and navigate through to the “Layers” function and then unselect all layers but “Priority 1 – Routes.”

No residential-zone plowing is scheduled at this time, as there has not been enough snowfall to trigger city-wide snow clearing. A comprehensive overview of the City of Brandon’s snow-clearing procedures can be found at

The City of Brandon also reminds the public that several roadways within the City of Brandon are under provincial jurisdiction and are not cleared by City of Brandon crews. These include 18th Street from the most southerly City limits to most northerly City limits;Victoria Avenue from 1st Street to the most westerly City limits; 1st Street from Richmond Avenue to the most northerly City limits; Richmond Avenue from 18th Street to 65th Street East (PR 344); the Trans-Canada Highway; Grand Valley Road (PR 459); and Veterans Way (PR 457).

– City of Brandon

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