City-wide snow plowing program begins Thursday

Residents asked to follow online snow plow map and ensure their vehicles are off of the streets when crews arrive in their neighborhood.

With the substantial accumulation of snow over the past week, the City of Brandon implemented its city-wide residential snow-plowing program on Thursday, moving clean-up crews from priority routes to side streets.

As of Thursday, crews moved into its residential zones ‘D’ and ‘G,’ which are located in the northwest and northeast sections of Brandon. These areas are being plowed first to accommodate the municipality’s sanitation collection schedule.

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City crews will then be clearing snow 24-hours per day until all residential streets are clear.

For a map of the city’s online snow removal system, visit The web page gives live updates on what streets have been cleared and where work is currently being completed.

After residential routes are cleared, crews will begin moving piles of snow from boulevards and medians next week to ensure traffic sightlines are improved.

Because the city does not place warning signage along residential neighborhoods, residents are asked to follow the map’s updates and move their vehicles off of the street once snow removal is shown to be taking place near their properties.  Signage will be in place along routes located in the Brandon’s downtown area due to parking congestion.

Motorists not adhering to signage could receive a ticket or their vehicle could be towed.

Drivers are also asked to stay well back of snow clearing equipment as they are doing their work and moving from area to area.

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