Giant Tiger in Brandon set for grand reopening

The Giant Tiger in Brandon is preparing to celebrate its grand reopening.

On Saturday, Aug. 20, the retail chain outlet will unveil what it calls a “new store experience” which is part of a planned company revamp to its overall design.

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Over the past several weeks, renovations have been taking place to the west end store and are now nearly complete. The changes include an enhanced colour design, separate clothing departments and a full selection of fresh meat in the grocery section.

“It’s been in the works for a while now,” said Curtis Keber, manager of the store. “This will make the product look better and will free up space on the floor so that people can have a better shopping experience.”

He says there will also be a relaunch of the brand names at the store, which will include Giant Tiger’s own “Lily Morgan” product line.

“We’re trying to concentrate on our own brand and differentiating amongst others,” Keber added. “We can keep stuff better merchandized and it’s a better fit together when we can have that control of our own brands.”

Keber adds the changes could also mean more employees. The store in Brandon currently has approximately 50 employees – the majority are full-time.
“We’ve always been a real successful store in the west end, and I hire almost all full-time employees. So we’ll see.”

Another change is what Giant Tiger officials call a “decompression zone” for shoppers when they enter the store.

“There’s a big wall when you walk in,” explained Keber. “Instead of being overwhelmed with racks of clothing, it’s actually a spot where you can get your shopping cart and you can take a deep breath before you come around the corner.

“It gives you a minute to decompress before you start your shopping experience,” he added.

The grand reopening will begin with free cake as soon as the store opens at 8 a.m. and will later include a free BBQ which will include the Brandon University Bobcats from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. There will also be bouncy houses for the kids and promotional giveaways in the store that day.

The Giant Tiger in Neepawa had its grand reopening in June.

Giant Tiger was established in 1961 and currently has 220 stores in operation.

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