Legal cannabis retail sales officially begin in Brandon

Smith Falls, Ont.-based Tweed opens its doors Thursday, Nov. 8, one month after pot is made legal for recreational consumption.

One of several planned cannabis stores to be located in Brandon has opened almost exactly one month after the recreational use of cannabis became legal in Canada.

Tweed, located at 2705 Victoria Avenue, was opened to the public Thursday morning with a line-up waiting to purchase marijuana or just experience the first-ever legal pot retail outlet in the city. Tweed has stores across the country, including three others currently open in Manitoba; two in Winnipeg and the other in Dauphin.

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As of Friday – the day after its opening – the Brandon store was still not listed on the company’s national website.

Established in Smith Falls, Ont. in 2014, Tweed is the first licensed producer to retail recreational cannabis products at locations across Canada. It is also the first to develop an online marketplace that has brought together various brands of product and the first to legally export cannabis.

Besides its brick and mortar stores, the company also retails its product to Manitoba consumers online at

Other stores are expected to open in the coming months. Two of the three other companies with licenses to operate retail outlets in the city are Delta 9 and Tokyo Smoke. Delta 9 currently has one store open in the province in the St. Vital district of Winnipeg, while Tokyo Smoke has three locations in Winnipeg. Signage put up at 628 18th Street in October suggested that is where the Tokyo Smoke outlet would be set up.

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