Sadists sabotage treats at dog parks in Brandon

What started as a facebook hoax has turned all too real in Brandon, inspiring an unknown group or individual to copy-cat a horrific idea.

Earlier this month, facebook lit up with pictures and warnings of nails being pushed into pieces of cheese, and then left in dog parks for a playful pooch to pick up and attempt to eat. The warning panned out to be false in most areas it was being broadcast, but one anonymous caller has reported finding evidence or this crime in a Brandon dog park.

"I was out with my two dogs at the Victoria East dog park," said the caller.

"I saw them sniffing at something, so I went over to take a look, and found about five or six pieces of cheese with thumbtacks and nails shoved into them."

Attempting to eat these sabotaged snacks could seriously injure, if not kill a dog, and while whoever is responsible for this may think it's just a cruel prank, injuring pets is against the law.

"Pets are technically property, and injuring or assaulting a stranger's pet is damage to property," said Tracy Munn, director of the Brandon Humane Society.

"While we haven't had an incident of this specific nature yet, we have dealt with related occurrences in the past, and it is very illegal, not to mention horrific."

Munn advises dog owners to try and keep a close eye on their furry friends while at dog parks, but says there really isn't much that can be done.

"Unless you want to put a leash or muzzle on your dog at the park, there really isn't anything you can do other than watch them closely," said Munn.

"And leashing or muzzling the dog sort of defeats the purpose of the dog park. It's not fair to have to punish the dogs because of dangers like this."

No veterinary clinics in Brandon have had reports of dogs being injured this way yet, and many people have not had the misfortune of seeing the deadly treats themselves.

"There were only about half a dozen pieces of the cheese when I found it," said the anonymous caller.

"I picked all of them up and looked around the park for about another 20 minutes and didn't find anything, but I will be keeping a close eye out from now on."

While this is hopefully an isolated incident in Brandon, dog owners are being urged to keep a keen eye out for the next while, just in case.

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