Team Blackout celebrates Nigerian Independence with Brandon

By Chris Tataryn

Team Blackout threw a party at SUDs last week to celebrate the 51st anniversary of Nigeria's independence and to raise money for Westman Dreams for Kids.
"All of us [in Team Blackout] are Nigerian in origin, and every year we celebrate our independence like we celebrate Canada Day," said DJ Chaz, who was DJ-ing the social.
"This year we wanted to show Brandon some of our culture and get people to celebrate with us. We are a very multicultural country and community, and we know there are a lot of people from Nigeria here, so we wanted to celebrate with Brandon in the best way we know how - by partying with our friends and neighbours."
The social was held at SUDs on BU campus, and offered traditional Nigerian food, door prizes, and music by DJ Chaz and Winnipeg guest DJ Spazz. All proceeds from the event went towards Westman Dreams for Kids.
"We wanted this celebration to really benefit the community," said DJ Chaz.
"So not only were we sharing our culture, but we wanted to help a local organization, and Westman Dreams for Kids is a great one."
Team Blackout have been busy with more than just putting on socials recently, as DJ Chaz is set to release his first mixtape later this year.
"The mixtape is going to be my first public CD to show the public that I'm ready to take my career to the next level," said DJ Chaz.
"It's going to have lots of everything; different genres, different styles. It shows of my versatility as a DJ."
DJ Chaz and Team Blackout spent the summer partying and DJ-ing at Southgate in Clear Lake, as well as playing shows all over Rural Manitoba and a few in Saskatchewan.
"We're hoping to get some shows in Winnipeg or even as far as Alberta this winter, I'm already getting calls for New Years events," said DJ Chaz.
"And we're of course going to party in Brandon with everyone here."

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