Importance of breakfast

Breakfast is the first meal of a person’s day, usually eaten in the early morning before work. It is the breaking of the fasting period of the night before. 

Eating breakfast in the morning to start your day, or even within a few hours of the start of your day will wake up your metabolism and get it going for the day. Without the breaking of the fast of breakfast, our bodies would be forced to run on empty. Breakfast is important for giving fuel to the body and brain. Starting the day without breakfast is like running a car without gas! Without breakfast, our bodies and brain are forced to run on empty. Eating breakfast and fuelling both the brain and body will help to improve concentration in the morning.

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Skipping breakfast can increase the chance of eating bad foods later in the morning before lunch. Our hungry bodies will crave a quick fuel later in the morning and usually, this will be unhealthy food, high in sugars. Skipping breakfast may also lead to being hungrier at lunch and eating way more than our bodies should actually need to intake. 

Web MD states that studies have linked eating breakfast to good health, better memory, concentration, and lower LDL levels of cholesterol. (LDL cholesterol is your bad cholesterol). Also eating breakfast lowers your chances of getting diabetes, heart disease, and being overweight. 

Eating a well-balanced breakfast is also important for good health. Proteins and fiber is good to try to include in a healthy breakfast to start the day. Eating foods that keep you feeling fuller longer for breakfast will help decrease unhealthy snacking. Some people have time for a nice cooked sit-down breakfast. Others just do not have this time in the morning. There are quick breakfast options as well! Fruits and Greek Yogurt are good choices for a good healthy start to your day that don't take much time to prepare and consume. If the reason behind breakfast skipping is time-related, making a smoothie to take on the go is also a good breakfast option. 

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