Living a semi-recluse lifestyle

There are many people who choose to live a semi-reclusive life that are happy and enjoy spending time alone.

It’s about being comfortable with who you are, which is important for your health, and that’s why living the lifestyle isn’t a bad thing.

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It’s a lifestyle in which you live alone, seeking out people only when you have to.  It’s not a lonely life.  You learn what to do with your time.  It’s less stressful and much more manageable.

For example, you don’t get overwhelmed and exhausted with phone calls and meeting with friends.  Of course, you still have to shop and go to appointments.  However, you limit the amount of time you spend around people.

According to an online site called Modern Cave Dweller, many semi-recluses want time for their own pursuits and creativity.  They are introverts and love to think and contemplate life.

Extroverts might think this is a strange way to live, but it’s a growing trend.

More and more people are keeping in touch with friends and family online or on their smart phones in the comfort of their own homes.  Distance education is becoming more popular because there’s less interaction with people.  Work-at-home jobs are steadily growing, as more and more people adapt their careers, so that they have minimum interaction with people.

What I see happening is that semi-reclusive people are comfortable and happy alone, because it’s safe.  They don’t have to go out of their comfort zone most of the time.

Daily life can be a struggle when you’re not a people person.  For example, working at a customer service job would be very overwhelming if you’re not suitable for the job.

Nevertheless, just because semi-reclusive people tend to be alone most of the time, doesn’t mean they sit in front of the television all day.  Many contemplate life or work towards real goals or ambitions.

Also, semi-recluses are not cold and insensitive.  They truly care, but they have trouble showing it in social situations.  One reason for this is that they feel too self-conscious and anxious dealing with people.

They might even be bored with the conversation.

Unfortunately, sometimes people consider solitary people to be selfish, because they keep to themselves.  That is an unfair statement.  A semi-recluse is a different sort of person, one that doesn’t thrive around people. 

It doesn’t mean that they don’t think of others or have a family that they keep in touch with.

According to Arlin Cuncic, an online writer, there are many reasons why a person can lead a semi-reclusive lifestyle.  It can stem from mental illness, social anxiety disorders, being an introvert, or a need for privacy.  There are many other reasons out there too.

Surprisingly, a semi-reclusive lifestyle is becoming more prevalent.  People need downtime to recharge their energy levels.  And there’s nothing wrong with doing this!


A.R. Clemas has lived in Brandon for almost 10 years and is a writer, artist, and guitarist.  She lives with mental illness and is trying to break the stigma associated with it, by contributing to the community and sharing her stories and insights.

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