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This may come as a shock ...but I’ve never seen an episode of Game of Thrones.

It seems as though TV watchers ‘in the know’ have elevated this show to ‘must see’ status.

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In all honesty, I’m more interested in the real life game of thrones, even though I’m not a monarchist and could care less what the king and queen say as the titular head of our country.

The real life game of when Elizabeth will step down as Queen and when Prince Charles takes the throne is more fascinating then the TV show. Add into the mix whether Charles even becomes king, and instead, it goes right to his son Prince William.

Also add into the mix, the comments by Prince Harry that no one is really interested in taking over the throne and that he’s looking at living the life of a commoner. That is, if you can believe what some newspapers are saying…

Plus, you get to bet with bookies on who you think should be king or queen.

Isn’t this a game of thrones? In real life, we all have a porcelain throne…

The U.S. had father and son Bush as presidents. Canada had father and son Trudeau as prime ministers. Future possibilities: Brian Mulroney followed by his daughter as prime minister (she has expressed an interest in politics).

In the U.S., Donald Trump followed by his daughter Ivanka. Don’t laugh. Most of us never thought Don would get elected. I wonder what the Russians have to say about this…

If it’s called the North American Free Trade Agreement, then why do we have to pay for it?

The Bank of Canada rate went up for the first time in about seven years. Most Canucks are like me. There isn’t enough money in the bank account to worry about it.

On the flip side of the loonie, while interest rates go up for borrowing, they may also go up on those investments you made, except possibly the house.

For most, buying a home is the biggest investment they’ll make, but with rates going up and mortgages possibly to follow, some homeowners may find themselves in the proverbial financial squeeze. This could give the expression ‘house poor’ a new meaning…

What ever happened to Bugs Bunny and his pals Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Sam?

With the Hollywood oldies and comics revival, no feature film has been mentioned featuring these former Saturday morning staples.

Bugs Bunny certainly has more charisma than the Kardashians. Bugs can act probably better than most of today’s thespians. As far as I know, Bugs’ body has not been enhanced and there’s no known porno movie featuring that ‘wascally wabbit’ as Elmer used to say.
Bugs or the Kardashians… I’ll have to think about it while munching a carrot.

Some tidbits for you…

-Both the Manitoba Liberal and NDP parties are looking for a new saviour/leader. As I’ve stated in the past, where’s the Rhinoceros Party when we need it?

-Some humour is sadly needed these days instead of us just saying, “you’re joking” when told of the latest party proclamations on both the provincial and federal levels.

-That new football stadium almost makes it worth taking a trip to Regina.

-Some folks spend thousands of dollars keeping their home looking ‘heritage’ (translation means old) and also thousands of dollars so they personally lose that ‘heritage’ look. At least government got this right. There are taxpayer-funded grants available to help you keep a building looking old and fortunately no grants so that a person can look young again.

-A tires’ performance is effected by whether it’s over-inflated or under-inflated. It’s kind of like working with someone whose ego needs stroking every day…

-A classic line from a Beatle’s song states, “One and one and one is three.” Does that hold true in todays binary codes?
Thought for the week: We are at the halfway point of summer. Are you halfway done your summer ‘things to do’ list?

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