Things to put on your to-do list this summer in Westman

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We are getting closer to legalized marijuana.

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So have you had a discussion with your boss about smoking pot during coffee break? This could bring a whole new meaning to “joint” projects between departments.

There are some critics who say allowing marijuana smoking at work will adversely affect production. In some cases would management or the public even notice?

How stocks markets report could be changed... “At the TSE stocks were three percent higher while 16 percent of employees were high.”

June 10th is Tax Freedom Day.

After that day, any money you make at work is yours, at least on paper. (There are others with their hands out such as utilities, and cable companies along with the alimony payments for some.)  Of course, if you buy food, gasoline or have a beer or three, you will continue to pay taxes. It seems the only way to get out of paying taxes is to quit your job, don't buy anything and go back to living off the land...if you can find any that isn't privately owned or restricted in use because it's government controlled.

Silly season continues at the White House, home of President Donald "Orangeman" Trump. According to some sources, real or not, the President has been complaining that he can't watch porn at the White House. Considering that Trump himself is obscene, why can't he?

If you're a believer and Canadian, it appears we are going to hell. One of Trump's aides stated there is a special place in hell for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for the way he handled free trade and Trump at the recent G7 summit in Quebec. So by extension, any Canadian who supports free trade could be going to hell, if you believe in such a place. The question to ask is “Since flames are orange would you even see President Donald Trump in hell, since he is orange?”

With their Stanley Cup win, Washington DC is in celebration mode. Will the Capitals visit the White House with the Stanley Cup? Considering most of the players and coaches are foreigners would they be welcome, especially those Canadian players who come from a country called a security risk by the President?

What about those Russian players? And the Stanley Cup was donated to Canada by a British royal, and it was the Brits that burned down the White House, not we Canucks. Maybe the team could ice the President and say thanks but no thanks.

Things to put on your to-do list this summer in Westman:

*Spend a few hours watching a farmers crop sway in the prairie breeze. It's a reminder of how peaceful things can be.

*Drive around Winnipeg and then stop complaining about how dangerous roads are at home.

*Go to an outdoor concert.

*Find a spot in the middle of nowhere and just listen to the birds.

*Follow the speed limit on the TransCanada and count how many vehicles pass you in a ten-minute period. *Take a walk when it rains. Chances are you have taken a walk when it snows so why not do the equivalent in summer?

*Stare over your fence while the neighbour is having a backyard BBQ and don't stop until you get an invite to eat

*Park the car for one day every weekend and ride your bike

*Drop by the in-law's place and offer to cut the grass. That could get them wondering what you want in return.

*Go to a farmers market and ask how many of the vendors are actually farmers?

*Have a garage sale and actually sell your garage, or rent it out as a vehicle storage space for the winter.

*Play a round of golf with someone who has never played before. It will give your game one heckuva boost unless your opponent turns out to be a natural.

*Take a day to sleep on a hammock

Thought for the week

In reference to the above, are there any firefighters in hell?

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