Pondering a few questions before Thanksgiving

Random Musings from the Keyboard: How many people understand the concept of Bitcoin? Do you understand carbon tax? Do you understand free trade talks?

How many people understand the concept of Bitcoin?

Some of us are old school and understand when someone says, “Lend me two bits,” but no one has ever asked to borrow a Bitcoin. That could be a good thing because depending on what you read a Bitcoin can be worth up to 7 thousand dollars. 

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I guess you would have to say, “Can I borrow a little bit?”

Do you understand carbon tax? Very loosely interpreted, a company can pay a tax instead of spending money to clean up their carbon emissions; in other words, they can keep polluting but won’t be considered polluters because they paid a tax. So, senior levels of government get the carbon tax while the pollution levels don’t necessarily go down. 

Once again, as an old school person, this initiative used to be called “smoke and mirrors” or “pulling the wool over someone’s eyes.” You’re not considered a polluter but you are still putting unwanted emissions into the atmosphere. That’s kind of like the person who passes gas in a room then looks at everyone else as if they did it.

Do you understand free trade talks? It seems instead of things being free, all we hear about are governments slapping tariffs on anything and everything. 

Give us free market access for our “whatchamacallits” or else we’ll slap a tax on your “thingamabobbers.”

While the high priced negotiators talk tariffs then break for fancy martini dinners, the folks on the lower rungs of the economic ladder – translated, anybody who works for a living – will have to dig deeper into their wallets. 

Don’t you love the sales pitch, “Buy one and save 20 per cent... Buy two and save 25 per cent. The more you buy the more you save?”

If you don’t buy anything, you save 100 per cent… by keeping your money. 

This week nothing negative will be written about the oil industry.  I don’t want some analyst to see it and panic causing gas prices to increase. Hey, it’s not as farfetched as it sounds.

Why is it so hard to find chocolate and/or banana flavored popsicles? They were a staple for paperboys a few decades ago in a certain hometown. That dollar in total tips bought a few popsicles, a pack of butter tarts and a pop along with a scolding from mom that we shouldn’t eat all that stuff before dinner. 

To a nine year old “that stuff” was dinner, and a darn good one.

Later this month marijuana becomes legal. When someone says they are going to go out and buy some grass seed, ask for clarification. Is it the kind that will be mowed or smoked? 

Next time you bump into a senior level politician ask him or her to explain the Notwithstanding Clause.

Why wouldn’t you want a Supreme Court justice with a shady past to be sitting on the bench deciding the fate of criminals? He or she knows what it takes to not only commit the crime, but get away with it. Not all criminals become judges. 

A question from a non-farmer; if you genetically modified wheat with canola (the source of margarine) or butter, would the bread produced by that wheat be self-buttering?

Will Don Cherry wear a “normal” suit this season on Coach’s Corner? 

Thanksgiving is just around this weekend. Aren’t you thankful Donald Trump says he likes Canada? Can you imagine what the orange president could do if he didn’t like us?

Do those wild turkeys in the southeast corner of Brandon feel safe at this time of year? 

Thought for the week:

What are you thankful for?

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