Wine and roses: The perfect Valentine’s Day gift

In celebration of Valentine's Day, give the gift of wine and roses. It’s the perfect pairing for this holiday. Surely cupid would approve.

In celebration of Valentine's Day, give the gift of wine and roses. It’s the perfect pairing for this holiday. Surely cupid would approve.

Roses are the most popular flower for Valentine's Day, beautiful; available in an array of colors and meaningful. Each different color tells a story, a story that is further enhanced by the gift of wine.

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Red is the color of love and passion and red roses symbolize true love in the air. Pair red roses with the dry, full-bodied and luxurious red wine Torres Salmos from Spain ($45.99). If you are looking to kicking it up a notch, add some dark bittersweet chocolate, the perfect dessert accompaniment to a bold red wine.

Does your Valentine exude grace and sweetness? Do thoughts of time spent together bring you joy?

Pink roses represent happiness and admiration, emotions to pair with the delicious and charming slightly sweet peachy-pink Nova 7 from Canada ($24.59). Made with 100 per cent Nova Scotia grapes, this wine is an absolute gem.

Yellow roses portray happiness and joy for a shared friendship. What better than sparkling wine to toast the future. The Spanish winery Segura Viudas is known for excellent quality sparkling wines called Cava, which is made using the method as used for Champagne production. Segura Viudas Gran Cuvee Reserva, a  harmonious dry sparkler is a blend of the Spanish native grapes Parellada and Macabeo with the addition of the Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grape varieties, the same grapes used for Champagne production. The price is $19.99

White, the purest of colors, represents purity and innocence and is the traditional choice for weddings and new beginnings. Why wait for a ceremony? Celebrate in advance.

In my mind, the grape variety that most exudes purity, finesse and delicacy is Riesling. Clink your glasses to the future with the lovely balanced and slightly sweet Balthasar Ress Schloss Reichartshausen Riesling, ($24.99).

Orange or salmon roses are colors that symbolize energy, enthusiasm, desire and excitement. The Sauvignon Blanc grape variety is the best pairing as this grape variety is known for its vibrant, dynamic profile and unique character. Select Left Field Sauvignon Blanc, a dry white wine ($21.99) and you won't regret it.

Lavender roses represent love, adoration, eagerness and willingness to extend a relationship. A wine named Adorada should hint at this intent. Adorada is a medium-bodied fresh and fragrant roséwith an aromatic nose of wild rose, fresh strawberry and pomegranate. 

Novelty roses – those that are a combination of colours – have dual meanings. A lavender rose with red tips represents both the eagerness of lavender and the love attributed to red roses. For distinct roses, one must have a distinct wine and Kim Crawford Small Parcels Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand ($25.99) is a suitable choice. This wine selection is a focused, dynamic and zesty dry white wine with aromas and flavors of citrus fruit, cilantro, jalopeno, gunflint and nettle complimented by tropical fruit.

When reaching out to a partner, friend or family member to say “Thank you,” say it with peach colored roses as peach symbolizes appreciation. Express your gratefulness with a rich and full-bodied white wine made in Canada from the grape varieties Pinot Gris, Schoenburger, Kerner, and Gewurztraminer. Baillie Grohman Recolte Blanche ($20.07) is full-bodied with gentle sweetness, soft texture and notable fragrances of ripe peach, pear and flowers.

Green is the color of life, growth, renewal and rejuvenation. An organic wine is most appropriate to gift with green roses. Mare Magnum Crudo ($15.99), an organic white wine from Italy, is intensely fragrant (roses, passion fruit, honeysuckle), ever so slightly sweet, very tasty and over-delivers for the price.

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