Paddock Excels on the Court

Chances are if you were born into the Paddock family, your athletic genes run strong. Brothers Gord and John both played in the NHL while the third brother Russ played Volleyball for Team Canada at the Olympics.

The next generation of Paddock’s have made a name for themselves, including Russ’s son Max who had a breakout season with the WHL’s Regina Pats, taking them all the way to the final of the Mastercard Memorial Cup.

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While the Paddocks are most known for their contributions on the ball diamond or the hockey rink, another member of the family is carving out a path of her own.

Milana Paddock (Russ’s Daughter) recently finished in 3rd place in the B/C Division at the 2018 Canadian Racquetball National Championships in Winnipeg.

“I’ve been playing racquetball for ten years now,” said Milana. “My brother Max started playing before me, so I picked it up and stayed with it for all the years.”

Paddock, who was the 8th ranked player in her division has competed in seven Junior National tournaments and one Senior National event. She trains twice a week on the court and works-out at Outperforme Athletics in order to prepare for these highly competitive events.

Despite all the work that goes into getting ready for an event and the stress of competing on the national stage, Paddock says the week-long tournament is an absolute blast to be a part of.

“It’s always fun going to Nationals,” added Paddock. “I love seeing my racquetball family and competing. Overall, it’s a lot of fun.”

When you come from a family like the Paddock’s, things can get pretty competitive around the family dinner table when it comes to sports. However, being the older sister of an up and coming hockey star, her sibling pride rises above all else.

“Max and I don’t really compete against each other anymore,” chuckled Paddock. “When he played racquetball, we would practice and train together, and I certainly miss those days. Growing up we played lots of sports both separately and together, and mom and dad were always there to cheer us on or coach us. I’m just so proud of the athlete he has become.”

Brandon’s Alexandra Murray took home the gold medal in the B/C Division while Carberry’s Teanna Letkeman won silver.

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