Southwest Strength Building Muscles & Raising Money

Members of Southwest Strength (SWS) in Melita not only have fitness and lifestyle goals, but a goal to be an integral part of their community in any way possible.

On Saturday June 6th, the local fitness centre is hosting a fundraising “competition” where they will test the overall fitness of its members in a variety of different activities. This mark’s the 2nd year in a row Southwest Strength and it’s members have held a fundraising competition, with the inaugural event raising over $500 for the new town playground.

“It means alot [to give back to Melita], we are able to showcase all the people that have made up our amazing community at SWS who are also a big part of our local community,” said Owner Nathan Corrigal. “It’s all for a good cause!”

The competition will be a partnered event (Teams of 2), with all of the teams either SWS clients or coaches. There will be three events per team with the top four teams making it to the final event.

Southwest Strength has quickly made a name for itself in Melita as a top fitness facility for people of all athletic ability and background.

“As a business we have done well holding people accountable to their goals and educating them on the process it takes to reach those goals. We have done a good job of creating a HABIT and a LIFESTYLE and the ability to create new goals along their journey,” said Corrigal. “We have grown our business outside of the community, coaching people remotely that are looking for quality programming/coaching and guidance.”

While some people may be intimidated when they drive by the former garage and hear the tunes pumping and the iron flying around, but Corrigal is quick to say that they activity they are promoting is for everyone.

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“We offer group classes that are geared towards improving overall fitness (aerobic capacity, strength, mobility, muscular endurance, mobility and overall health),” added Corrigal.  “We offer individual program design that is more specifically geared towards individuals with more specific goals. For example, people competing in crossfit, weightlifting, triathlons or people with injuries and limitations.”

Residents of Southwestern Manitoba are encouraged to come out and support the “Kickoff to Summer” event at Southwest Strength on Saturday. It all starts at 9:00am at 63 Front Street in Melita.

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